Dromophotos presents it’s work in watermarked galleries such that they are visible to everyone, at their convenience. We expect a good number of watermarked photos to be shared on social media and have never made any attempts to hamper that, on the contrary, we’ve made sure a suitable resolution is available so that quality would be retained. We’ve also always welcomed the free advertising. To a point.

Watermarked images from this website, or un-watermarked images used in press releases are free for personal use. This includes your personal websites, your personal social media accounts, and even your personal ‘racer’ pages on Facebook or Instagram.

However, effective Feb 13, 2017, watermarked photos may only be used by businesses under the following guidelines. (This includes, but is not limited to teams, shops, dealers, importers, distributors, and manufacturers.)

Only 2 watermarked images may be used on business related social media sites per event. The images cannot be cropped or otherwise edited in anyway. Watermarked photos cannot be used on any business related website.